Semipalatinsk Metalware Factory

071400, Republic of Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan province

Semey city, Uliyashev Street, 45


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Work time :    8:00 - 17:00

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 About factory LLP "Semipalatinsk metalware factory" is a Kazakhstan commodity producer of metalware products. The main profile of LLP Semipalatinsk metalware factory is the production of metal products by stamping and cold disembarkation. LLP "Semipalatinsk metalware factory" is one of the leading metalware factories in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The production of the metalware factory is of high quality and reasonable price. For a long time of working, the factory has proved its competitiveness and responsible approach to business. The reputation of the plant is very high both in Kazakhstan and internationally. Over the years, our company has earned a reputation of a reliable partner in the market of metalware products, constantly fulfilling its obligations, providing comprehensive customer service on time, ensuring an optimal price-quality ratio. When you will choose our products, you can be sure of high quality products. LLP "Semipalatinsk hardware plant" is the best quality tested by time.

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High quality of the produced goods Domestic manufacturer Work experience more than 25 years
A special approach to each client Finishing our work in time A large number of staff and shops where the work constantly "boils"

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ТОО “Семипалатинский метизный завод”,

РНН 511700084457, ОКПО 39313873, р/счет KZ37826F1KZTD2001232 в АО “АТФБанк” БИК ALMNKZKA.


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